How Is Keratoconus Treated?

When initially diagnosed, treatment will begin with new eyeglasses. If the eyeglasses don’t provide adequate vision, then contact lenses, usually rigid gas permeable contact lenses, may be recommended. With mild cases, eyeglasses are all that is needed o provide acceptable vision. Eventually, though, it will probably be necessary to use contact lenses or seek other treatments to strengthen the cornea and improve vision.

A last resort is Penetrating Keratoplasty. . This involves removing the center of the cornea and replacing it with a donor cornea that is stitched into place. You usually need contact lenses afterwards as the healing and recovery process can bee .

A specialized procedure called PTK can smooth out the scar and improve contact lens comfort.

A treatment called cornea collagen crosslinking is often effective to help prevent progression. Intacs are implants that are placed under the surface of the cornea to reduce the cone shape and improve vision.